Lighten Your Load ~ My Opinion

Was last year a difficult one? Were you out of sorts? Were you feeling suffocated or trapped? Do you just want to feel more freedom this year? Were you burned out and lacking energy? Take a look at your surroundings. Could that be your problem? If you want this year to be better than last, Read More

Christian Judgement ~ My Opinion

I’m a Christian. That’s how I look at it. I’m not Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist or anything else but Christian. I have been to many churches. I have been to all of those I just stated. I have searched many times for a church fitting my needs. While doing this, I have learned watching many Read More

New Year, New Delete ~ My Opinion

Every year you see the phrase, ‘New year, new me’! With social media it is now common to see, ‘New year, time to clean up friends list’! Then BOOM…. delete, delete, delete. Back in the day we had real friends. We hung out with them. We had fights, made up, and life went on. Or Read More

No Resolutions ~ My Opinion

The New Year is right around the corner! People will be celebrating, welcoming in the new year and making the annual resolutions. New year, new you! Building up the anticipation of conquering the resolutions and not crashing after week three. It’s all very exciting!  It’s all very exiting until you miss the gym two days Read More

Merry Spiritual Christmas ~ My Opinion

Santa Claus is coming to town! The excitement is in the air. Kids will be staying up looking for reindeer! It is such a fun, magical, and happy time of the year. But, it should also be spiritual. We do have Santa, Rudolf, and Frosty, but do you have Jesus? Christmas is the celebration of Read More

Rude Ass People – My Opinion

***Warning: foul language***Oh. My. Gawd! What is the matter with people? I know we have had plain mean ass people before we were even a country, but good grief! With social media it just really shines so bright! Why on earth do people feel the need to respond to a post as just a total Read More

Lacking Christmas Spirit? – My Opinion

Is your Christmas spirit lacking or non existent this year? Are past memories holding you down? Is the loss of loved ones keeping you from enjoying the season? Are you feeling alone during a family holiday? Are you just not feeling the Christmas magic?  The holidays can be a very difficult time for many. Commercials Read More

Politics and Hate – My Opinion

Politics! Good grief! I am so sick of this. I think many Americans are. The news, the tweets, the memes, and the current election. What gets to me most is how rude, mean, aggressive, hypocritical, and just plain jerky people can be! Why be that way? There are people strongly supporting the president who consider Read More

Disobedient Kids – My Opinion

You laugh when your child screams in the store, not out of embarrassment but because you find it funny. You constantly repeat the name of the child to make them stop but even with you constantly repeating the name the child continues and now we have to listen to you too! Your child takes others Read More

The Moment – My Opinion

Every moment counts! Our lives are based on each moment. They all have brought you to where you are now and they will continue to carry you on for the rest of your life. You will have good moments and bad. Appreciate them all.  It’s crazy how one moment of time can completely change your Read More

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